Ko tōku ara pounamu, ko tōku rama i te pō

My chosen pathway is my lantern in the night

Introducing MAPS

Mental health advance preference statements (or as we call them ‘MAPS’) are a way for you to let people know what you would like to have happen if you experience an episode of mental distress. A MAPS is a way for you to have a voice when you might not normally be heard because you are too unwell or not in a position to be able to speak for yourself. MAPS can be a good way to make sure you have a say in decisions about your care. It can include information about a variety of things that are important to you.

Our project in Southern DHB has lead to the development of various tools to help people create and use MAPS. Johnnie Potiki, consumer advisor at Southern DHB, explains what MAPS are and how they can benefit consumers and mental health services. Our resources provide you with further information and examples of guides that we have trialed and are currently evaluating at Southern DHB.

Creating a Māori Centred MAPS

Building on our existing project, we will hold hui with Māori mental health consumers, whānau, advocates, and clinicians in Southland around creating and implementing MAPs. The focus will be on applying a tikanga process for creating and implementing a whānau ora version of the MAPs.

Creating an instrument following Māori-centred processes should increase acceptance and use of advance directives amongst Māori. This aligns with current initiatives to increase the autonomy of service users. Similar approaches have been identified in the recent report of the Mental Health enquiry which noted the need to “support, strengthen and include” the consumer voice in the mental health system. The report, He Ara Oranga, recognised the concept of he tangata, he tangata as the main focus. We believe a personalised AD will allow individual’s “concerns, hopes and priorities” to be expressed in a safe and culturally appropriate manner. Sign up below to follow this journey.

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MAPS resources

FAQs for consumers

Wondering what MAPS are and how to create one? Check out our FAQ for consumers.

Guide for creating MAPS

We aim to provide resources to support the creation and use of MAPS. See our guide and template for creating a MAPS.

Supporting MAPS

Are you a service provider wanting to support the use of MAPS? Click here to get started.

MAPS are a good way to get across what kind of care you want in the future if you become unwell.

Johnnie Potiki, Consumer Advisor, Southern DHB

MAPS are a valuable tool to help clinicians work with consumers’ preferences and to ensure that people get the best care in times of crisis.

Tony O’Brien, Associate Professor of Mental Health Nursing,
University of Waikato

About us

We are a collective of consumers, advocates, researchers and clinicians working towards making MAPS supported and used across Aotearoa.

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