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  • Lenagh-Glue, J., Potiki, J., O’Brien, A., Dawson, J., Thom, K., Casey, H, & Glue, P. (2020). Help and Hinderances to Completion of Psychiatric Advance Directives. Psychiatric Services. In press.

  • Lenagh-Glue, J., Thom, K., O’Brien, A., Potiki, J., Casey, H., Dawson, J., & Glue, P. (2020). The content of Mental Health Advance Preference statements (MAPs): An assessment of completed advance directives in one New Zealand health board. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry68, 101537.

  • ​Thom, K., Lenagh‐Glue, J., O’Brien, A. J., Potiki, J., Casey, H., Dawson, J., & Glue, P. (2019). Service user, whānau and peer support workers’ perceptions of advance directives for mental health. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing28(6), 1296-1305.

  • ​Lenagh-Glue, J., O’Brien, A., Dawson, J., Thom, K., Potiki, J., Casey, H., & Glue, P. (2018). A MAP to mental health: The process of creating a collaborative advance preferences instrument. The New Zealand Medical Journal131(1486), 18-26.

  • Thom, K., O’Brien, A. J., & Tellez, J. J. (2015). Service user and clinical perspectives of psychiatric advance directives in New Zealand. International journal of mental health nursing24(6), 554-560.

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